Project ideas

We want YMCA Basingstoke to be a real community that works for us all and reflects the passions and ideas of residents. While we may not be able to do every project that we’d like to, the projects we are doing should be ones that the resident community want to see and take part in. There are many ways you can start the process, from having your say in surveys and Fight for Your Right, to chatting with us about what you would like to do. We will be putting out a suggestion box soon and you can always email or message us through facebook. 

Things to remember:

  • Project ideas need to be feasible – if you want a new pool table you need to come up with a fundraising idea too!
  • They can be as small or ambitious as you like.
  • We will support you in putting together a plan and facilitating the project.
  • If you have an idea you will need to see it through, half finished projects won’t help anyone and will stop any new projects from starting.
  • We obviously can’t do anything that will be negative for someone else, everyone must benefit or at least not be affected by it.

We would also like to put together a fundraising/project committee; a group of residents who will be in charge of putting together ideas and proposals, running projects and events, finding out what other residents want and being a voice for them and generally working with residents and staff to get projects and fundraising going. If you would be interested in a role like this please let us know.

We are aiming to run a big fundraising event once lockdown is over so if you have any ideas for something you would like to do please tell us!


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