Lockdown Survey

Over the next week or so we will be asking any tenants who are interested to come and have a conversation about their experience during Covid 19 in groups of around 4 people. This will be used by the charity to explore tenant experiences, get feedback and in fundraising for future community and organisational projects. Like many charities this organisation has been hit hard during Covid 19 and we can help to secure emergency funding in order to continue to support communities.

Rather than staff or the fundraising team describing what we think it has been like, we want to hear directly from you. We have a few starter questions but really we just want to hear what you have to say. The whole process will be entirely anonymous and before anything goes out we will have it available for you to see and give further feedback on so we can all be sure it is truly representative. Obviously not everyone has had the same experience so to make sure your voice is heard please join one of the groups and have your say.

This will also come under our Superhero program, which is all about contributing to the community through fundraising and more. So by taking part you will be actively engaging in one of our programmes simply by telling us how you feel!

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