Some activities to #beattheboredom

Get physical! Exercise isn’t just for the body but for the mind too!

Try our easy indoor exercise programme! Designed to be accessible so you don’t need experience, much space or expensive equipment. We also have a general guide to staying healthy.

Week 1: Basic overall body workout

Week 2: Introduction to Yoga

Week 3: Basic core with weights

Week 4: Yoga workout 2

Week 5: Staff Zumba!

Week 6: HIIT workout 

What our staff got up to behind the scenes of our Zumba Workout

Exercise your mind! Activity sheets and puzzles are a great way to keep your mind active!

We have lots of activity sheets and puzzles down at reception, come down and get some or get in contact with us if your self-isolating.

Here are some great websites with access to a variety of activities and puzzles that you can print out at home!

Stay calm and get creative! Paint, draw or colour to your hearts content!

Down at reception we have lots of colouring sheets, puzzles, knitting packs, origami,  paint-by-numbers and more!  Come down and get some or get in contact with us if your self-isolating.

Not a resident but love the idea of releasing some creativity? Here are some fantastic websites with colouring sheets and paint-by-numbers that you can print out at home!

Bake a sweet treat!

We have created a community cookbook where we are looking for anyone in the community including residents to send in some easy-bake recipes and images of bakes you have made. Now is as good a time as any to try out some baking and we have some great recipes on there already for you to follow! Thank you to everyone who have sent in recipes so far, we are looking forward to filling it with lots more creative bakes!


Calling all bookworms!

If you love being transported into a new world or would like to give reading a go with all this spare time, we have books down at reception. If anyone has any old books that you want to donate get in touch with us!

Take an online course and learn a new skill!

Want to learn a new skill through an online course within health and safety, child care, moving and handling etc? Take a look at our EduCare courses, a market-leading provider of high-quality, concise and easy-to-use safeguarding and duty of care e-learning services.

We are also building a new site Moodle where we are moving a lot of our engagement content onto it. If you have not already been signed up and enrolled on a course, speak to your YEC worker. On this site you will find lots of sources, resources and information on different programmes, covid and anything else we feel is important and you need to know. There are also lots of activities being added onto it, some which help develop skills and then more fun activities like quiz’s. 

The Easter Challenge

We have created an Easter challenge for our residents which consists of having to complete a number of puzzle challenges in order to win an Easter egg. Here is a printable version of the challenge for anyone to complete at home!

Make sure you keep up to date with all that we are doing on our Facebook page!

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