Our Patch

Making your home a more inviting, enjoyable place to live. Our patch is the programme where we do projects around the building and grounds.

Life Smart – Affirmations Workshop

Affirmations help to build your mental wellbeing and health, we will be looking further into this and how we can all implement them into our daily life.


Life Smart-Affirmations workshop

A workshop about positivity and self-confidence with affirmations and also preparation for the Our Patch Bottle Sculpture workshops.

Our Patch- Bottle sculpture making


Reusing the donated McDonalds orange juice bottles, we are going to create a penguin sculpture to symbolise reducing plastic waste in the oceans.

Tenants Only – Due to Covid 19 our programmes are currently for tenants only, in the future we hope to open our programmes to the wider community, once it is safe to do so.